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Staff Augmentation


American Nudge Receives BMM Testlabs Approval for Georgia Jurisdication.

Zydexo Games Launches American Nudge for the Georgia Skill Market. 

Zydexo aquires preimum domain COAM.com to serve the Coin Operated Amusement Machine Industry. 


Zydexo, A sponsor of the 2014 National Association of Telecom Professionals (ATP) 

Zyexo is looking for Network Systems Engieneers in Atlanta


Zydexo is looking for Sr. Java Developers in Atlanta

Zydexo offers premier, technological staffing solutions, along with tentative, professional placements for project-specific needs. The acquisition of viable team members and a business cooperative framework is the hallmark of a fluidly progressing professional atmosphere. We understand the profound economic need for tactful hiring decisions and processes, and long term hiring is not universally applicable to all of a company’s needs. Hence, we have proposed a strategic hiring option that entails the acquisition of temporary employees in order to invest the allotted time and attention to specific projects and needs. This multiplies a company’s capacity to centralize its efforts and time investment and resources, in order to maximize the output for every project. Instead of deferring to the use of employees with general skillsets, it is best to hire experts with adept specialties in the field pertaining to a given project. 

We specialize in appointing temporary employees with technical, development and logistics based knowledge to their respective roles in a given project. The premise behind this tentative-employee placement program is that it lavishes every department with the most adept masters in the field. By utilizing a stringent hiring and screening process for each project, you can ensure that every project is approached as though it were the professional’s specialty. The specialized and focused application of knowledge always breeds quality results. 

At Zydexo, our professional staff delivers unmatched quality, professionalism, while adhering to our ethical framework. Instead of presiding completely over the hiring process, we identify our clients a joint participants in the recruitment process, as we integrate their individualistic standards and concerns to ingrain a more personal approach in the entire process. Potential candidates for all technological projects must undergo a meticulous screening process that evaluates their capacity to deliver the intended objective, demonstrate a consummate and pragmatic understanding of the field, and invest their wholehearted efforts in the task at hand.

All qualified contractors will recognize the ailing need for diverse skills for each project, along with their specific skills. They understand that in conjunction with technological skills and the ability to spearhead and execute projects properly on an individual level, that they must be able to flexibly apply their professional skills to the disparate framework of a team and new environment. These collaborative skills will serve employers well in the context of technology projects of any kind. By bringing a wealth of specialized skills to the table, along with emotional intelligence and technical skills, these contractors, although hired tentatively, will thrive on their designated projects.