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American Nudge Receives BMM Testlabs Approval for Georgia Jurisdication.

Zydexo Games Launches American Nudge for the Georgia Skill Market. 

Zydexo aquires preimum domain COAM.com to serve the Coin Operated Amusement Machine Industry. 


Zydexo, A sponsor of the 2014 National Association of Telecom Professionals (ATP) 

Zyexo is looking for Network Systems Engieneers in Atlanta


Zydexo is looking for Sr. Java Developers in Atlanta

Outsourcing to Zydexo help you reduce fixed infrastructure costs.

By outsourcing Web Design, Mobile Apps, Software and Application Development services to Zydexo you will find the perfect need vs resources equilibrium where our diverse and highly skilled human resource of seasoned designers and developers is able to meet all technology needs of your projects under one roof.

Our offshore development teams are segmented into the following departments    

  • Web Design & Development
  • Bespoke Software Development & re-engineering of existing software
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Web Maintenance and Support

From one to one hundred technical resources at fraction of the cost, we can have them available at your disposal within 24 hours, trained in a way to totally sync and gradually immerse into your outsourced projects.

Zydexo’s development policy envisages using clean commented code complying with Generally Accepted Coding Standards ensuing quality produce throughout, while using agile development techniques to meet your time schedules & deadlines while focusing and dedicating our services, skills expertise towards meeting your deadlines.

We take deadlines extremely seriously and believe that time & commitment to be the true essence of success and principles for a Win-Win & a long-term commercial partnership, which is our sole objective.

Owing to the access to human resource at Zydexo we let you focus on securing more business and building better relationships with your customer while we handle your design and development work. This enables you to expand your commercial theatre of operations without investing in infrastructure, burden of fixed cost while giving you a safety net in case your business development goes down due to any reasons.

Our Project Managers have at extensive years of experience in their respective capacities and every project is handled with a modular approach. The project once analysed with extensively documented and shared with the client while simultaneously a development strategy is also documented where the project is sub-divided into Modules and Tasks with an estimated completion time of every variable. Every designer & developer is required to fill in a CCL time-sheet reporting every single hour that is spent on the project. The Project Managers are well-versed in written & verbal communication in English language.